To position SEE TV HD as one of the leading TV channel in Pakistan by promoting social awareness through entertainment and informative programs with the belief that social well-being is the key to having a prosperous Pakistan.

We believe in promoting diversified programs representing people from every fabric of Pakistani society and establish SEE TV HD of Zam Television Network Limited (A Media Group) as a global, unique and distinguished network in Pakistan. Taking full advantage of operational efficiencies in a state of art technological setup, We have an ambition to see Pakistan a well civilized, developed and modern country, at present global scenario that meets the demand of 21st century as a strong nation in accordance with changing world so that the Pakistan society may be recognized as a symbol of liberalization, modern, peaceful and developed country on the world map.



SLOGAN: – Dekho Ek Nai Dunya

Objective of the Current Affairs and the News Departments:

We give the right to know. We give the freedom to think. We give the knowledge to choose the right path. We give the hope to build on. We endeavor to bring the best every year, every month, every week, every day, and every hour all the time.

Ambition of SEE TV HD, is to promote the ideology of Pakistan, work to guard the interests, sovereignty and the rule of law in Pakistan. We will work to promote nationalism and work to create interprovincial harmony. There will be no such statements, negative reporting or a media movement that will create unrest amongst the masses and can be classed as content that has the potential to up rise an Anti-State sentiment/s. Our priorities will also encapsulate institutions of national importance; we will highlight their achievements, Insha Allah.

Current Affairs / Talk Shows

SEE TV HD will bring in front political realities and reviews of national issues which strictly would be unbiased and balanced.

Keeping in view the national security and integrity the current affairs department will provide political analysis and discussion. The aim of the Current Affairs department will be to bring on screen a meaningful discussion on different aspects of developments and crisis in the country; including debates on anti-terrorism.

The Current Affairs department will try to unfold the realities of the society and by means of a healthy debate discover the black sheep in the flock, which is the root cause of creating problems like adulteration, selling of expired drugs, black marketing and other crimes.

SEE TV HD want to highlight the need of the day by a non-biased, honest, patriot, sincere, experienced views put forward by renowned notables of the country. The agenda will be to balance the views, inspire and direct the public opinion in the right direction, by keeping them informed by a dynamic advanced electronic network i.e. Zam Television Network Limited.

SEE TV HD will keep all records of discussions, statements of crucial importance put forward by senior political personalities and events etc. These will enable our network to put on air quality references at the right time.

Prepare uninterested youth of the country for the future by pointing out the national problems and their solutions. Work to gain their interest by highlighting the positive side of the national history.


Segment of SEE NEWS will provide the multi-dimensional demand of our people including Update, accurate, transparent, breaking news, news script, summary, details through advanced presentation of dynamic networking. To telecast powerful and comprehensive News by connecting to authentic, latest news gathering systems round the clock, feedback and meaningful news for SEE TV HD alliances.

We have started a fantastic and wonderful news bulletin and news analysis with the help of excellent documentaries, coverage of events; keeping the needs of the national interest and to keep viewers updated by attaining the ultimate target of 7 bulletins in 24 hours’ time.


The front line objective of SEE NEWS is to develop/contact/bring the top gesture human resource for programming the current affairs, talk shows and news department, so we will choose and have a very professional, dedicated and a motivated team of journalists and research scholars from all over the country. We have also planned international arrangements and agreements with friendly TV Networks and countries according to the rules & regulations of Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA).