We would like to provide you an excellent opportunity on SEE TV HD to advertise your product to increase the brand equity and their familiarity from our channel. We have designed exclusive packages for you to generate exposure and mileage for your brand.


A 10 sec. animated /analogue clock will appear on the screen with your brand logo with voice over stating:

This time check is brought to you by (your brand name) ….

A 5 Sec. tail with every time check

Branding Benefits and Time Structures:
Air Time90 minutes commercial air time monthly, can be aired on RODP
Number of time checks24
Time Slot00.15/30hrs – 23.15/30 hrs 
Time BandQuarter/Half of the hour
Period6 Months

Cost: Rs. 450,000 + GST per month (Rs. 15000 + GST per minute on 1 + 2 basis i.e. on every 1 minute buying you will get 2 minutes free.

Added Value to the brand:

  • Main sponsorship of any prime time drama for 6 months
  • Nomenclature “this drama is brought to you by… your brand name
  • Break Bumpers of 7 sec. each (opening & closing)
  • A 5 Sec. animated logo 5 times
  • A 5 Sec.  animated scroll 5 times
  • Promos 4-6 daily
  • Same above benefits will be provided in repeat transmission
Terms & Conditions
  • All above costs are inclusive of agency commission and exclusive of GST & all other government taxes.
  • All relevant material should be delivered to SEE TV at the latest by 7 days prior to airing.
  • All release orders should be delivered at least 3 days prior to airing.
  • All payment should be made in the name of ………………………………… by cross cheque.

Exceptional Packages

Package 1Package 2Package 3
C.A.T150 min/month
(6:00pm – 11:59pm)
90 min/month
(6:00pm – 11:59pm)
65 min/month
(6:00pm – 11:59pm)
F.O.C75 min/month
(08:00am – 5:59pm)
55 min/month
(08:00am – 5:59pm)
30 min/month
(08:00am – 5:59pm)
Total CostRs. 500,000 + G.S.TRs. 400,000 + G.S.TRs. 300,000 + G.S.T
Value Additions
  • Main sponsorship, CO-sponsorship, Associate-sponsorship of programs, with 7 second commercial tail that “this program is sponsored by ………xyz”.
  • Branding of NEWS and Clock with 7 Second commercial tail that “this program is sponsored by ………xyz”.
  • Branding of Current Affairs and Slots available (Prime time, Morning Afternoon, late nights), with 7 second commercial tail that “this program is sponsored by ………xyz”.
  • 7 second Scrolls, 7 second logo, 7 Second P.I.P branding
  • Linking is host and without host.

*SEE TV HD, reserve, the right to provide one or any these branding elements to any clients/agency

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